Special Education Services

Together, Special Needs Guidance and Assistance Program assists families of children with special needs from diagnosis through life.  Together provides group and individual education, information, referrals, support groups, meeting preparation, advocacy and guidance through the special education maze.


The goal of the program is to:

your_childs_educationHelp parents of Special-Needs Children find the easiest way through the special education maze and obtain the services their children need to obtain the highest educational level they can with help by their side so they never feel alone.


Classes include:

  • Regional Center: Birth to 3
  • Regional Center: the IFSP
  • Regional Center: Preschool through  High School
  • Regional Center: The IPP
  • School District: Birth to 3
  • School District: Preschool through High School
  • School District: The IEP
  • School District: All other IEP Documents
  • Support Group: For parents of children birth to 5
  • Support Group: Grief and Loss for parents of children with special needs

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