Professional Child Visitation Monitoring

dad n me iStock_000015303291XSmallOur Professional Supervised Visitation Services allows the noncustodial parent to have an opportunity for positive contact with the child or children in a safe environment. It also allows the custodial parent the reassurance that the child’s physical and emotional safety is being provided.

Our role as Professional Monitors, is to be a neutral party who observes behavior. As a Profession, Child Visitation Monitors are not regulated. Therefore, our Monitors follow Monitoring Code Policy, and Provide Ethical Monitoring of court ordered cases, for at risk children. Each of our Contracted Professional Monitor’s have been thoroughly trained in accordance with Administrative Office of the Court’s Standards of Practice 5.20, and Assembly Bill 1647. We are also governed by the Guidelines for Supervised Visitation by the California Judicial Council. All Monitors have received training on; Child Abuse and Reporting mandates per Section 11166 of the Penal Code, Child Development, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, and Conflict Resolution, to name a few. Our Professional Monitors receive ongoing Continuing Education Training, and updates on the new Codes and Procedures in the field of Supervised Visitation. In addition, each Professional Monitor has a background clearance through Trustline, and have CPR training.

How to Obtain Service:

By contacting our Agency either by phone or submitting the ‘Contact Us” Form. You then will be contacted, and scheduled an intake appointment. The parents will be scheduled at different times. At the intake interview you will need to bring a copy of your recent court order/restraining order, a picture of your child, and the intake fee. At the interview you will explain your concerns about your case, complete the Agency’s Intake Form, and the Agency’s Guideline Form. You will be informed about the Monitoring Procedures, and you will be scheduled your first supervised visitation.

What Happens at the Supervised Visitation?:

During the Supervised Visitation, the Professional Monitor will remain at sight and sound of the child at all times. The monitored parent may choose the visitation location sites. However, the first supervised visit will be at a public location. If there are no restrictions on the court order, the outings can be; the movies, the park, Chuck E, Cheese, meals at a restaurant, or at his/her home. There will be no talking about the case or the other parent during the supervised visitations. The parents will have no contact with each other when the child is being exchanged. The Professional Monitor will enforce the supervised visits in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Practice 5.20. An Activity Report will be prepared after each visitation. A Declaration will be prepared, if requested.

Copies of Activity Reports of visits are $25.00 per Report. No charge for Minor’s Counsel or Social Workers.

Declarations must be requested at least 10 days before the Court Hearing. They are signed,under the ‘Penalty of Perjury’, at the rate of $125.00.

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