I was reading through Facebook the other day and came across the following: my one-year old daughter is throwing her food at mealtime.  Of course I have her clean it up, then I put her in her high chair, and give her food again, which she throws again.  It’s exasperating.

As I read through this I was picturing the child, floor and everything around the high chair covered in spaghetti and sauce.  It was quite a picture, one I remember well.    It is quite normal for a child to test gravity by throwing toys from their high chair. Dropping something while someone else picks it up can be part of a social game between parent and child too.  Yet, what do we do about a child who is throwing their food at every meal?

We are smarter than a one-year-old.  At least I hope we are.  So, we know that the child is going to throw the food off her high chair from past experience.   We have a choice to make.  If we leave the child alone with the food, it will land on the floor.  However if we get a suction cup bowl that sticks to the high chair tray and sit with the child so that we can stop the child from throwing the food on the floor when she goes for it, then we are being pro-active and no food or less should end up on the floor.  I would also tell the child if she goes to throw food on the floor that if she throws it, that there will be no more food, then follow through with what you said if she throws it.  Be consistent at other meal times if she throws food.  It won’t take her long to learn that you mean what you say.

Don’t give her snacks between meals if you take her food away, but give her water to avoid dehydration.  No, she won’t starve, it won’t take more than a meal or two, maybe three at this age to learn the lesson.  My own two children are alive and well.