Tomorrow, my son, my youngest child, will close escrow on his first house.  He asked for my help all along this very scary and important road.  I have never filled out escrow or loan documents on my own before, but he trusted me to help him, so I did.  I read the papers and guided him as did his real estate agent.

Trust between a parent and a child starts with respect.  Respect must be earned and it starts when the child is an infant.  My son learned to respect me because I fed him when he was hungry, changed him when he was wet, and understood the cues he gave me that told me he was tired and needed to be put down or needed to be held.

Parenting is a very scary job.  I never knew if I was doing a good job or if my kids were going to turn out OK.  I had to do what I thought was best and hope that I knew what I was doing was right.  I was lucky because I had my parents beside me to help me and guide me through my childrearing years.  When I was tired and needed a break, they were always there to help.  They taught me that I would love my children with all of my heart for the rest of my life and that parenting is a job that will last a lifetime.  Parenting lasted a lifetime for my father.  My sisters and I relied on him for help and guidance until he died last October.  We all learned to respect him when we were infants, just like my children learned to respect me, and hopefully their children will learn to respect them.

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