Daylight savings is just a few weeks away. This change always caused problems with my kids and in turn was hard on everyone in the household.  The kids naturally had a harder time falling asleep because it was “too early “ and didn’t want to wake up for the same reason.  This left the kids (and all of us) crabby. When we’re ill tempered in our house, we’re also unorganized and non-productive. If our mornings are chaotic and frustrating then the rest of the day usually goes that way, too.  But if our mornings are happy and calm, all of us are set up to have a great day!

Our mornings had to change, so I made some changes that turned our mornings from chaotic to calm.  You can make the same change in your house with some pre-planning and a small amount of work from you and the kids.

The main thing to keep in mind is to get as many things ready the night before as you possibly can. When homework is finished it should be put away where it belongs before anything else is done. The kids should pick out what they want to wear the next day and lay them out, ready to wear the next day. School lunches should be prepared or lunch money/lunch tickets put into each child’s backpack. Showers should be taken in the evening instead of the morning.  All of the above needs to be done before relaxing in front of the TV, playing games, electronics, video games etc.  It’s that simple.

In the morning, all the kids need to do is get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their hair and teeth, grab their lunch, backpack and get out the door so everyone can be on time for the first event of their day.  Once your family gets into the habit of getting things done the night before, their mornings will be calm and happy, whether it’s Daylight’s Savings Time or not.

Check back over the next few days for more details on making the transition in your mornings from crabby, unorganized and non-productive to smooth, calm and happy. Please share with It’s Aparent and our blog readers what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you and your family in your quest for “easy mornings”…