Betsy Garvin

Over the past year Faith Mischel Golden has been an invaluable resource for my medical practice. As a Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrician with 30 years experience working with special-needs children, their families and schools, I needed to be able to refer families to an experienced professional who could provide in-home behavioral training to parents.
Collaborating with Faith has been extremely rewarding because I have seen so much progress being made in relatively short periods of time. Faith is a team-player who seamlessly plugs into my patients´ multimodal treatment plans, networking with schools and other professionals, as well as case-conferencing with me on a regular basis.

Once families start working with Faith, they quickly realize that they have been negligent in holding their children accountable and that, instead of making excuses for their children, they need to “effectively parent” by setting developmentally appropriate expectations and by consistently following through with natural and logical consequences. I am convinced that Faith´s program has allowed fractured families in crisis to remain intact. I look forward to on-going collaboration with Faith in the future.

Principal, Gledhill Elementary School

Dr. Michelle Cannis

My daughter is a typically developing three year old who likes to push us to atypical limits.  She has been coined “strong-willed” which is really just another term for difficult!   She does what she wants when she wants.  If we tell her to stop, she starts hitting and becomes even Harder to deal with.  As a special education teacher, I am very familiar with how to deal with difficult behavior, but I couldn’t apply what I know to my own children.  I sought Faith’s help.  She came to my house and observed my family, not just my daughter, and gave my husband and I easy to implement suggestions.  Some were specific to certain behaviors, others were specific to parenting in general and all have been extremely useful.  I wrote them up and stuck them on the fridge as a reminder whenever we fall back into our old habits.   We have seen a HUGE difference in our daughter AND our son.  Without Ms. Faith’s help, we would have been pulling our hair out.  Both of our children are much happier and there are a lot less tears (from everyone) since we started following Faith’s parenting advice!  We can’t thank you enough Ms. Faith!

Jamie S. (Parent)

Westlake Village, CA


Words cannot express my gratitude for all you have done for Gledhill Elementary. You are the consummate teacher. The children at Gledhill have benefited from your guidance and support. I feel I am a better principal because of you. Everywhere you have been has improved because you have been there. I can´t thank you enough.

Calabasas, CA

Katrina Cameron

Thank you so much for helping with Cindy´s biting problem. Before we called you, we thought we were going to have to take her out of school, because the school didn´t know what to do, and frankly, I couldn´t stand the looks from the other parents anymore. The behavior plan you wrote and taught to the teachers did the trick and in less than 10 days! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Faith of it´s Aparent Parenting has the recipe for what works for kids and more importantly their parents. In January, my best friend came to LA on business and she and her son stayed with me for a month! Her son had been used to a late night schedule and had been getting away with crying in his crib until he was given attention. This quickly began to tire us both out! I referred my friend who is a single mother of a 12 month old to Faith. After many days of sleepless nights and listening to baby screams. My friend and I were at our wits end. Faith came to the rescue! Her straight forward approach to getting parents back on track, works the first time you try it. In only one hour Faith come up a schedule to get baby and mommy back on track. The positive impact left my friend empowered, hopeful and confident that she could stick to the plan for success. Within 24 hours, Clayton was napping and going to bed on schedule! Faith combines experience, research and commitment to make a difference in her clients´ lives!

Russell M.

Thank you for your screening of our daughter and your referral Susan the Speech Therapist. I want you to know that Marva is doing very well now after 6 months of therapy and is catching up quickly. I don´t know how far behind she would have been without your help.

Noah W.

I´m a single father, who needed help in understanding how to parent my infant. I found It´s Aparent in the phone book in my quest for help. I am so glad to have found Faith. She is so caring and giving. She taught me what it means to be a parent.

Susan D.

Faith entered our life at a time when Eric would only eat two foods. I tried everything I knew to get him to eat, other things, but always resorted to giving him Macaroni and Cheese or oatmeal. Faith was kind and gentle as she explained why it wasn´t healthy for Eric to eat this way, and stayed with us every step of the way while we learned to change our behavior for the benefit of our son. Today he eats whatever we serve him. Thank you Faith.

The C Family

Words can´t express how much your help has meant to me. When Beth was first diagnosed with Autism, we didn´t know where to turn. You took me by the hand and guided me through the maze that they call Special Education, and stayed by my to guide me to get Beth the help she needed and still needs. I will never be able to thank you for that.


My husband and I were at out wits end with frustration over our son´s behavior and his disrespect towards others. With your guidance and support we are living in a calmer household with no yelling and screaming by anyone. The structure and consistency with follow through that you taught us has made our home happier and stress free.

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