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Mission Statement

~Our mission is to coach parents to nurture their child’s healthy development according to accepted developmental milestones through loving and supportive relationships with each other and their children with mutual respect. Further through coaching, education and guidance, our mission is to assist parents of children with special needs to understand; the special education system, their child’s special needs, the services their child is entitled to, how their child’s Regional Center and School District documents should legally be written, and how to effectively advocate for their child to receive the services that their child is legally entitled to under Federal and State disability laws.~


Faith Mischel-Golden

Our History

It’s Aparent was founded in 2008 by Faith Mischel Golden MA following a 10 year illustrious career with Los Angeles Unified School district as a Preschool Special Education teacher. She founded It’s Aparent, Parenting and Behavior Specialists, based upon a need in the community to provide parents with the tools to navigate the ups and downs of parenting that all parents face. Ms. Golden’s 25 years of experience working with parents and families showed her that using the same basic methods used to teach driving works best with parent coaching. It’s Aparent’s methods include both education and on the job training in the form of coaching in the family’s own environment. “The great thing about parent coaching,” says Ms. Golden, “is that issues are resolved much faster than in traditional therapy and is a lot more affordable.”

Ms. Golden is very passionate about students with special needs and their families. “The special education process should not cause as much stress and take as much time as it currently does,” says Ms. Golden. She has and continues to work hard as a parent educator and Advocate to guide and assist parents with special needs children through the special education “Maze” with the minimal stress possible.

Ms. Golden has a Bachelors degree and CA teaching credential in Home Economics (Family Sciences), and a Masters degree and CA teaching credential in Special Education, with special distinction in Early Childhood. She is a Parent trainer, Behavior Specialist and has an Advocacy Certificate from Special Needs Network and is a member of Council of Parents, Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) as a professional member. Ms. Golden speaks often in the community providing in-service trainings at schools, speaking to parent groups, Moms groups as well as the Special Needs Network, Tools for Transformation Conference, College Expo, California State University, Northridge, What Really Works Conference, and many more esteemed institutions on varied topics. If you would like Ms. Golden to speak or provide a workshop for your group or agency, please contact her here.

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